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You Want To Eat Heart Smart? Let Us Guide You

One should take care of their heart with a healthy diet. Or if you are already suffering from some kind of heart disease you must keep an AED with you all the time. If you’re looking for AED in California you can check out Calmed. It is an online AED store that offers different AED […]

Audible Feedback CPR Device

Technology has been advancing day by day. Science is bringing more life easing devices to help us. In the past, more work and research was done on AEDs as they are the life-saving devices used in the sudden cardiac arrest situation to increase the chances of survival of patients. Therefore different AED brands manufactured AEDs […]

Know More About Philips Heartstart Home Defibrillator

AEDs are manufactured by different companies. In an online store like Calmed we will provide you with all known brands to look for the AED best suitable to you. From defibtech lifeline aed to Philips Heartstart they offer all kinds of AEDs. Here we will tell you why buying a Philips Heartstart is good for […]

Know About AEDs In Stores

From the large number of customers passing through the doors of supermarkets, superstore every day, to the stress of buying and spending money, dealing with the crowd of people is very stressful for the heart. Most people don’t understand that these factors may lead to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), and for the survival of sudden […]

Basketball Players Can Be At Risk Of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

This is a very common concept among us that athletes are very healthy as they maintain their diet and regular exercise but do you know that athletes are more prone to sudden cardiac arrest? While many have this concept that football is a more tiring sport but the truth is the more physically demanding game […]

Defibtech Lifeline Aed Should Be Your Next Aed Purchase!

AEDs are specifically made for laymen to use. If you want to make an AED purchase this is our recommendation. This Defibtech Lifeline AED has proven itself for many years for revolutionized lifesaving and making it even easier to use. This AED is made of the best technology with a simple yet amazing design consisting […]

Impact Of Stress On Our Heart Health

There are so many contributing factors to cardiac arrest you can now add stress to it as well. The world is changing and the pace is getting faster day by day. It is hard for people to keep up with daily rituals and therefore they end up stressing. Doctor Sumeet mentioned, “We now live in […]