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Do You Know When Are You Most Likely To Have A Heart Attack?

Heart disease, including heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest, is the world’s No. 1 disease to kill people. A person’s risk of heart attack or cardiac arrest depends on many factors including exercising, smoking, dieting, and sometimes genes too. But our bodies have a pattern to work on, that leaves us prone to disease during […]

Drugs Abuse Can Lead To Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Many of the factors that make you prone to the risk of heart disease are directly related to poor health choices or lifestyle choices. Many people suffer from drug or alcohol addiction. These people do not care about their health or diet. Appetite is also affected by these drugs which later cause insomnia, different severe […]

Scarring Of Heart And Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Heart attack should be taken very seriously because not only have you been given another life but also it leaves severe damage to some parts of the body especially the heart. We will recommend you to buy aed for yourself after going through some cardiac disease because this is when a sudden cardiac arrest occurs. […]

How To Use Electrode Paediatric Pads On Kids

An Automated External Defibrillator (AED’s) has different parts. One of them is electrode pads which are the most vital components of an AED. Electrode pads are used to analyze a patient’s heart rhythm and defibrillation can’t be delivered to save a life without them. These pads are so handy. They are disposable just like a […]