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Do You Know When Are You Most Likely To Have A Heart Attack?

Heart disease, including heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest, is the world’s No. 1 disease to kill people. A person’s risk of heart attack or cardiac arrest depends on many factors including exercising, smoking, dieting, and sometimes genes too. But our bodies have a pattern to work on, that leaves us prone to disease during those certain hours more than others. But you must always keep an AED with you all the time to prevent out-of-hospital cardiac arrest death. You can check Calmed equipment to get the best AED at the best price as well. CalMed is an American AED online store

Heart Attack In Morning

According to research the most dangerous and occurring time for heart attack and other cardiovascular emergencies — including stroke, sudden cardiac death, rupture of the aorta, and pulmonary embolism are the morning between 6 am till 12 noon and during the last phase of sleep. This is because our heart follows a similar pattern daily. A heart attack occurs when there is an imbalance between decreased myocardial oxygen supply and ultimately increased myocardial oxygen demand. When we wake up our body needs more myocardial support thus decrease in it leads to a heart attack.

Heart Attack At Night

There is a high risk of a heart attack during the last part of sleep as well. Why is the risk also higher during the last part of sleep? When our body sleeps, the cardiovascular system is also at rest, meaning low blood pressure and heartbeat rate. But in the last part of sleeping, dreams occur. In dreams, there is a high risk of an increase of the autonomic nervous system even more than when we are awake. That is the reason after a dream we wake up feeling tired. This makes us prone to the risk of heart attack as the heart runs, consuming more oxygen. More demand and less supply. This imbalance causes a heart attack.