A Personal Letter from the Founders

Dear Valued Reader,

The amount of people who pass away unnecessarily every year due to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is stunning. Our fathers were two of the nearly 600,000 people each year who suffer sudden heart stoppage; of those 600,000, two thirds occur outside of a hospital setting – and of those, only 4% survive.

Unfortunately, they ended up in the 96% who don’t survive out-of-hospital SCA. If there had been an AED readily available, they may have had a fighting chance to enjoy another day. Such is the case with 528,000 other Americans who die of sudden cardiac arrest every year.

We began this enterprise with the vision of securing a heart-healthy future for our nation by making AED’s affordable and approachable — this is why we are the only medical company worldwide to offer a free AED maintenance program.

The high incidence of sudden cardiac death in America is absurd in an era when technology and public safety regulations have progressed so far, but not so far enough as to help stifle this overwhelming epidemic. Heart disease is by far the leading global cause of death in the United States, killing 606,000 more people per year than fires. We believe AED’s should be as accessible as fire extinguishers. Help us achieve this goal — let’s save lives together.