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ZOLL AED Plus Refurbished

The ZOLL AED Plus Refurbished is a reliable and innovative AED defibrillator. With Real CPR Help, it offers real-time guidance for precise CPR execution. Discover advanced life-saving technology!

The ZOLL AED Plus: Designed for Everyone

In many emergencies, medical professionals are not the first to respond. The ZOLL AED Plus is designed for seamless use by non-healthcare professionals. This AED makes tense situations more manageable by providing comprehensive CPR guidance. Even lay rescuers can perform quality CPR compressions, giving patients the best chance at survival. Real-time interactive coaching, real-time feedback, visual cues, self-testing, and the support of a trusted and time-tested brand make the ZOLL AED Plus Refurbished the ultimate life-saving partner. When every second counts, the ZOLL AED Plus Refurbished provides guidance and support, ensuring you deliver high-quality CPR during an emergency. Trust in ZOLL and its legacy of innovation in resuscitation and defibrillation technology. Make the ZOLL AED Plus Refurbished your partner in saving lives.

Real CPR Help: The Game-Changer

Real CPR Help is not just a buzzword; it's a game-changer in AEDs. It's a CPR feedback tool that sets the ZOLL AED Plus Refurbished apart from the competition. This technology provides invaluable support to rescuers, whether seasoned professionals or laypersons. Here's what makes it extraordinary:

Real-Time Feedback

Real CPR Help technology provides real-time feedback on the rate and depth of chest compressions. It "watches" what you're doing and offers guidance to ensure you're performing CPR effectively.

Audio and Visual Prompts

The ZOLL AED Plus Refurbished delivers audio and visual prompts that guide rescuers with unmatched clarity and confidence. It doesn't just tell you to perform CPR; it guides you through the entire process.

Compression Quality

The device evaluates the quality of your compressions. Not pushing hard enough? It will instruct you to push harder. When you're doing it right, it will say, "Good compressions." Real CPR Help ensures you're on the right track to administering potentially life-saving CPR.

Compression Rate

Real CPR Help also monitors the rate of your compressions, providing a metronome-like guide to help you maintain the recommended compression rate. It keeps you in sync with the American Heart Association's guidelines for effective CPR.

Depth of Compression

In real time, the AED Plus Refurbished shows you the depth of each compression. This visual feedback ensures that you are delivering chest compressions at the optimal depth, further increasing the chances of a successful resuscitation.

Chain of Survival

Real CPR Help technology perfectly harmonizes with the American Heart Association's Chain of Survival. It complements the critical steps of early recognition, early CPR, early defibrillation, and advanced care.

Fully Automatic: AED Plus Takes Charge

In addition to its CPR feedback technology, the ZOLL AED Plus Refurbished can function fully automatically. When a shockable heart rhythm is detected, the unit will deliver a shock independently. This feature removes the guesswork, making it even easier for rescuers to administer a life-saving shock when needed.

Built to Last: Rugged and Reliable

The ZOLL AED Plus Refurbished is designed to withstand the harshest conditions. With an IP55 ingress protection rating, it can handle dust and water with ease. Whether in extreme temperatures, at high altitudes, or dealing with vibration and shock, this AED is built to perform without fail.

Automatic Self-Testing:

AEDs need to be ready for action at a moment's notice. The AED Plus Refurbished is equipped with an automatic self-test capability. This feature ensures that the device is always in a state of readiness, ready to assist in a life-saving rescue.

Smart Technology:

While AEDs are crucial, it's people who save lives using them. Real CPR Help technology empowers rescuers by providing high-quality CPR guidance. The integrated, real-time feedback keeps you on the right track to administer potentially life-saving CPR. In addition to step-by-step audio prompts, Real CPR Help technology includes a compression depth indicator that offers real-time visual guidance. This ensures that even lay rescuers can deliver the best possible CPR during an emergency.

Ready for the Rescue: Dependable and Durable

The ZOLL AED Plus Refurbished offers dependability when it matters most. It performs periodic self-tests on its PADs, batteries, and internal circuitry. If any test is failed, the AED will indicate the issue, ensuring that it's always in working order. The bright green coloring and 'AED' label on the cover make the ZOLL AED Plus Refurbished easy to spot in an emergency. This instant recognition can be a lifesaver during time-sensitive situations.

Trusted Partner: A Legacy of Life-Saving

For more than 25 years, ZOLL has been a pioneer in resuscitation and defibrillation technology. Their products empower first responders and everyday heroes to help save lives. The ZOLL AED Plus Refurbished is another testament to their commitment to innovation and quality.