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Elevate Safety with Athletic Defibrillator Packages

Enhance athlete safety with our Athletic AED Package. Tailor-made for sports facilities, our comprehensive solutions ensure quick and efficient emergency response. Safeguard lives on and off the field with Calmed Equipment.

What Is an Athletic Defibrillator Package?An Athletic Defibrillator Package, often called an "Athletic AED Package," is a complete emergency response system designed explicitly to provide life-saving support during sudden cardiac events during sports activities. This package includes AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) and all the essential accessories required to administer immediate care.

Why Should You Choose Our AED Packages?

Tailored for Athletes:

Our Athletic Defibrillator Packages are meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of athletes and sports enthusiasts. They are portable, user-friendly, and calibrated specifically to deliver the most effective defibrillation for athletes of all levels.

Quick Response:

In cardiac emergencies, time is of the essence. Our AEDs are equipped with advanced technology that guides users through each step of the resuscitation process, ensuring a swift and accurate response. Seconds can make a significant difference; our devices are designed with that in mind.

Peace of Mind:

With Calmed Equipment's Athletic AEDs, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you have a reliable partner in emergencies. We prioritize the safety of athletes and ensure that our AEDs adhere to the latest industry standards. Your safety is non-negotiable, and we make sure of that.


Our AED packages are readily accessible through our online store, making it convenient for sports organizations and individuals to acquire this essential life-saving equipment. Ensuring accessibility is a part of our commitment to enhancing safety in the sports community.

Protecting Lives, One Defibrillator at a Time

In the world of sports, every second counts. Having an Athletic Defibrillator Package readily available can be the critical difference between life and death in a crisis. Calmed Equipment is committed to making AEDs and defibrillator packages accessible to all athletes and sports facilities.Invest in your team and your safety with our Athletic Defibrillator Packages. Don't leave safety to chance; equip yourself with the tools to protect lives on and off the field. Choose Calmed Equipment for top-notch Athletic AED packages, and ensure that you're always ready to respond when it matters most.

Calmed EquipmentAED Athlete Packages

Our AED Value Packages are specifically curated for sports teams, athletic centers, fitness facilities, gyms, and sports-related businesses. They are designed to provide the tools to prepare for sports-related injuries and sudden cardiac arrest emergencies.The right AED value package will save you time and money and equip you and your organization to handle sudden cardiac arrest emergencies effectively. We carry defibrillator packages featuring FDA-approved AED machines from all major manufacturers, including;Physio-Control, ZOLL, Philips, Heartsine, Cardiac Science, and Defibtech.Each package is purposefully designed for specific use and includes all the necessary AED pads, batteries, and other accessories to initiate the life-saving process and keep your AED in optimal condition.

Choosing the Right Defibrillator for a Sports Environment:

At Calmed Equipment, we have assembled a range of Athlete defibrillator packages for sports environments and additional storage and signage options. Our comprehensive AED Packages include everything needed to make your sports environment heart-safe. For further guidance and advice on selecting the most suitable defibrillator for your package, we recommend using our Product Finder or downloading our Defibrillator Buyer’s Guide.

Ensuring Heart Safety at Sports Centres:

While it may not be a legal requirement for sports centers to provide defibrillators, it is an essential step toward protecting visitors and the local community. Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) does not discriminate based on fitness level, age, or gender, making it crucial for sports facilities to be prepared and capable of acting effectively and confidently in emergencies.

The Cost of Defibrillators:

The price of our range of Sports Packages varies depending on the make and model of the chosen defibrillator. Some models offer additional features at a higher price point. Our team of advisors is here to assist you in selecting a defibrillator within your budget that also meets all your requirements. Your safety is our priority. Discover our range of Athletic Defibrillator Packages at Calmed Equipment, and take the first step in ensuring the safety of your team and the athletes in your care. Be prepared, be proactive, and choose Calmed Equipment for peace of mind when it matters most.