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HeartSine AEDs: Your Lifeline in Critical Moments

Discover HeartSine AEDs at Calmed Equipment. Trustworthy life-saving partners in cardiac emergencies. Explore their features and benefits, the ideal choice for your preparedness needs.

Explore the HeartSine AED Range

HeartSine Samaritan 350P & HeartSine Samaritan 360P AEDs:

The Heartsine Samaritan 350P AED is a perfect defibrillator for emergencies. The semi-automatic Samaritan 350P is fully automatic. The HeartSine Samaritan PAD 350P AED is a lightweight, compact, lay responder-friendly AED unit specifically designed with public access in mind, making it a great AED program fit. This sophisticated defibrillator provides semi (350P model) and fully-automatic shock delivery (360P). Semi-auto automated external defibrillator units prompt rescuers to push the shock button if defibrillation is needed.Fully Auto units will automatically deliver a shock if needed. The Samaritan 350P and 360P can be used on adults and children. In combination with CPR, the Samaritan 350P or 360P is an excellent AED for fighting sudden cardiac arrest in an emergency.Remember, you can also buy AED accessories, including AED pads and AED batteries, and other emergency medical equipment, such as first aid kits, CPR Manikins, and other AEDs for sale right here.

HeartSine Samaritan PAD 450P AED with Integrated CPR Rate Advisor:

The Heartsine Samaritan PAD 450P AED with Integrated CPR Rate Advisor is a perfect emergency defibrillator. The semi-automatic Samaritan PAD 450P AED is lightweight but durable and easy to use. This makes it popular as a public access AED and tool for trained first responders. The Samaritan 450P can be used on adults and children (pediatric use).Combined with CPR, the Samaritan 450P is an excellent AED for treating sudden cardiac arrest in an emergency.

The Power of New HeartSine AEDs

Cutting-Edge Technology:

The New HeartSine AEDs are engineered with state-of-the-art technology that ensures quick and accurate response in life-threatening situations. Our devices have advanced algorithms to analyze the heart's rhythm and deliver a shock if needed. This means that even if you're not a medical professional, you can confidently use our AEDs to assist someone experiencing sudden cardiac arrest.

Portability and Accessibility:

One of the standout features of the New HeartSine AEDs is their portability. These compact and lightweight devices can be easily carried to various locations, making them perfect for homes, schools, offices, and public places. They come with user-friendly interfaces and clear visual instructions, ensuring anyone can use them effectively during an emergency.

Durability and Reliability:

At HeartSine, we understand the importance of reliability regarding life-saving equipment. Our AEDs are built to withstand the test of time and are rigorously tested to ensure they function flawlessly when needed most. With a New HeartSine AED by your side, you can have confidence in its performance, even in the most challenging conditions.

Why Choose New HeartSine AEDs?

Safety First:

Safety is our top priority, and it should be yours too. The New HeartSine AEDs are designed with multiple safety features to prevent accidental shocks and ensure the well-being of both the victim and the rescuer. With built-in sensors and self-check mechanisms, these AEDs are always ready for action while minimizing the risk of misuse.

Regulatory Compliance:

Our AEDs comply with international medical standards and regulations, giving you peace of mind knowing you're using a device that meets the highest industry standards. Whether you are a medical professional or a concerned citizen, you can trust New HeartSine AEDs to perform effectively and safely.

Saving Lives, One Shock at a Time:

Every second counts during a cardiac emergency. The New HeartSine AEDs are designed to provide swift and accurate assistance, potentially increasing the survival rate of sudden cardiac arrest victims. With a New HeartSine AED within reach, you become a lifeline for your community, ready to make a life-saving difference.

Buy HeartSine AEDs with Calmed Equipment:

Calmed Equipment offers HeartSine AEDs as the epitome of excellence in automated external defibrillators. Their advanced technology, safety features, and compliance with medical standards make them the go-to choice for individuals, organizations, and communities striving to be prepared for cardiac emergencies.Take your time; invest in the safety of your loved ones, colleagues, and community by choosing HeartSine AEDs through Calmed Equipments. With their cutting-edge technology, portability, and unwavering reliability, you can be a hero in an emergency. Get your HeartSine AEDs today and be prepared to save lives when every second matters. Trust in HeartSine, and partner with Calmed Equipments for a safer tomorrow.