Our AED's Packages:

AED First Responder Package

Equip Yourself for Success with Calmed Equipment

As a first responder, your role is critical in those initial moments when a person’s life is hanging in the balance. First aid, CPR, and AED use are fundamental skills that can significantly improve the chances of survival in a cardiac arrest situation.


Business AED Package

Does Your Company Have an AED Program in Place? 

Ensure workplace safety with our Business AED Packages. Swiftly respond to sudden cardiac arrest events in offices, health clubs, and more. Equipped with essential items, our packages prioritize the well-being of your employees and visitors. Trust Calmed Equipment for workplace safety solutions.


Church AEDs Package

Elevate Worship Safety with Church AEDs

Enhance worship safety with our Church AED Package. Safeguard your congregation with essential church AEDs and pads. Elevate worship experiences while prioritizing the well-being of your cherished community. Trust Calmed Equipment for church safety solutions.

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