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Drugs Abuse Can Lead To Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Many of the factors that make you prone to the risk of heart disease are directly related to poor health choices or lifestyle choices. Many people suffer from drug or alcohol addiction. These people do not care about their health or diet. Appetite is also affected by these drugs which later cause insomnia, different severe diseases, and excessive use of them lead to sudden cardiac arrest. In case of sudden cardiac arrest, the victim should be near to an aed to be saved. One can buy aed from an online store like Calmed. They provide the best aed at the best price.

Drug Abuse

HIV is the most deadly virus. It attacks the body’s immune system and spreads even rapidly. In drug abusers, it spreads when they share paraphernalia to inject different drugs in the body and put themselves at risk for HIV. This substance abuse also leads to other harmful activities including unconsciousness, unsafe sexual behavior, which is the root cause of spreading the virus. Research shows that HIV puts us at greater risk of heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Any cardiovascular disorder or severe disease in the body worsens rapidly if the drug abuse doesn’t stop. A diseased body cannot operate optimally normally; the drug s abuse further drains its strength. To fight the virus we need a strong immune system but as the drugs make it already weaker the body, it gets harder to fight illness. Heart diseases are not directly linked with substance abuse but the effects these drugs put on our body lead to cardiovascular diseases.