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Audible Feedback CPR Device

Technology has been advancing day by day. Science is bringing more life easing devices to help us. In the past, more work and research was done on AEDs as they are the life-saving devices used in the sudden cardiac arrest situation to increase the chances of survival of patients. Therefore different AED brands manufactured AEDs […]

Know More About Philips Heartstart Home Defibrillator

AEDs are manufactured by different companies. In an online store like Calmed we will provide you with all known brands to look for the AED best suitable to you. From defibtech lifeline aed to Philips Heartstart they offer all kinds of AEDs. Here we will tell you why buying a Philips Heartstart is good for […]

Have You Ever Thought About Cleaning Your AED?

AEDs known as defibrillators are very delicate devices. This device is used in a life and death situation mostly when the person encounters sudden cardiac arrest. That can be due to anything, even an accident. On the scene of an accident one knows about the bloodshed. Although AED doesn’t deal with internal parts of our […]

For Your Heart Step Away From Your Gadgets For Some Time

Science is getting more and more advanced day by day. New technologies and new gadgets are being introduced every other day. They are doing so for our convenience but do you know that these gadgets are taking us away from nature? Not only nature but the use of these gadgets are draining us from inside. […]