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COVID And Cardiac Arrest

We are living in a very crucial time. All those diseases which we already were fighting have gotten more difficult to treat as our hospitals are filled with COVID patients. This virus not only affects a particular part of our body but also damages other organs as well. According to different researches, doctors are not […]

Effect Of Anxiety On Our Heart

Anxiety is very unhealthy for the human body; it not only destroys our mental health but also has various effects on our heart and body. Stressing out of the heart may lead to sudden cardiac arrest which in result can lead to death. To increase the chance of survival of a sudden cardiac arrest patient […]

How Important Is Hydration For Your Heart?

Whether it’s summers or winters, if you’re dealing with some cardiac disease you must always carry defibtech or any kind of AED with you all the time. You don’t have to worry about how much is an AED in terms of cost because this life-saving device can always be in your pocket to increase chances […]

Know About AEDs In Stores

From the large number of customers passing through the doors of supermarkets, superstore every day, to the stress of buying and spending money, dealing with the crowd of people is very stressful for the heart. Most people don’t understand that these factors may lead to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), and for the survival of sudden […]