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Effect Of Anxiety On Our Heart

Anxiety is very unhealthy for the human body; it not only destroys our mental health but also has various effects on our heart and body. Stressing out of the heart may lead to sudden cardiac arrest which in result can lead to death. To increase the chance of survival of a sudden cardiac arrest patient one must always keep an AED with himself. You don’t have to worry about how much an AED is in terms of cost because aed stores like Calmed provide us with various aed superstore coupons.


Anxiety is caused by stress and when someone is anxious, our body makes our heart work faster and puts an extra strain on it. If you already are a patient of cardiac disease then anxiety can be more harmful to you as the symptoms may give you more harm. Anxiety can lead to the following disorders.

Rapid Heart Rate (Tachycardia)

If you have a serious panic attack your heart rate increases drastically that can interfere with your normal routine heart functions and also increase the risk of sudden cardiac arrest. Sudden cardiac arrest if not treated can result in death.

Increased Blood Pressure

 If your panic attack gets chronic, it can increase your blood pressure and that can lead to another coronary disease, which includes weakening of our heart muscle and then can lead to heart failure as well.

Decreased Heart Rate Variability

A panic attack may cause a decrease in heart rate and by doing so it increases the chances of death after an acute heart attack.