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How Important Is Hydration For Your Heart?

Whether it’s summers or winters, if you’re dealing with some cardiac disease you must always carry defibtech or any kind of AED with you all the time. You don’t have to worry about how much is an AED in terms of cost because this life-saving device can always be in your pocket to increase chances of survival in a sudden cardiac arrest situation.  You can check our variety of AEDs on our website of Calmed. We offer different packages as well. Let’s come back to the topic of ow dehydration is important for your heart health


If our body is not hydrated enough it causes strain on our heart. Do you know that when our body is hydrated enough the amount of blood circulating increases and vice versa so to compensate for the blood pumping need our heart has to beat faster thus causing palpitations? This way our blood retains sodium which makes it even harder to circulate blood.  Don’t you want to help your heart which pumps around 7000 liters of blood every day? You can help by staying hydrated.

How To Do So

Hydration is a dynamic process. It’s not like if we skip today’s water intake we are never going to compensate for it. The more water you drink the more active you become and vice versa. Therefore if you forget to drink water in the morning you can catch up in the evening as well. it is our recommendation to try to carry a water bottle with you every day. If you don’t like to have lots of simple water you can cut some fruits in it as well to give it a flavor. You can even put reminders on your phone to remind yourself.