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Choosing the Best Heart-Healthy Activity

Exercise is necessary to keep yourself fit and healthy. If you already have any underlying heart condition, then you must exercise daily and keep an AED for home with you all the time. Doctor’s recommendation will vary on personal choice, but walking is usually a good place to start because it does not require any […]

Top Fish Picks: Omega-3-Rich, Mercury-Free, And PCB-Free

To prevent cardiac disease, you need to add healthy food to your life. If you already suffer cardiac disease, maintain your diet and keep an AED with you all the time. Doctors advocates becoming hooked on fatty fish that is low in mercury and PCBs to get the heart-healthy advantages of seafood’s big omegas without raising […]

Some Precautions to Do After Heart Attack!

A heart attack is a major life event that can have substantial consequences for you and your family in the days, weeks, and months that follow. It necessitates a change in your lifestyle as part of your rehabilitation, but it does not have to wreck the rest of your life. Some heart attack survivors can […]

Which Is Best AED for Police?

Purchasing automated external defibrillators in quantity enables law enforcement agents to outfit each vehicle with its own defibrillation equipment. Because officers spend the majority of their time away from the station dealing with crises, each vehicle has its own emergency supplies. The Heart Sine 350P is a low-cost option that is nonetheless packed with functionality. […]

Why Is AED for Police Necessary?

Police officers around the country have taken oaths to protect and serve their communities. This may cover anything from safeguarding the public from external dangers to assisting in the case of a medical emergency. Every year, more than 350,000 people in the United States suffer from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), necessitating the installation of automatic […]

Emergency First Response CPR & AED for First Responder

The Emergency First Response CPR & AED for first responder course teaches the fundamentals of CPR as well as how to deploy and utilize an Automated External Defibrillation (AED) in an emergency. This life-saving gadget has been shown to boost a patient’s chances of survival following a cardiac arrest by 50%. When a person suffers […]

Keep an AED for School with You or Adopt This Lifestyle to Prevent Consequences!

Heart disease is the leading cause of death among women in the United States specially for working class. It is responsible for more than 35% of all fatalities in the United States, affecting nearly 42 million women. Furthermore, women have a 50% greater likelihood than males of having the incorrect first diagnosis after a heart […]

Learn the importance of AED for School!

A person’s heart stops beating when they have a sudden cardiac arrest. This inhibits blood from flowing to essential organs such as the brain. If the sufferer does not get prompt aid, he or she may die. In certain circumstances, a person has a lifelong impairment that renders them reliant on others. After a person […]

Some Notable Facts About AED for School!

With children throughout the nation preparing to begin another school year, now is an excellent opportunity to explain the necessity of AEDs in schools. We discussed the distinctions between adult, child, and baby CPR as well as the pediatric chain of survival last week, and this week we’ll look at some fascinating facts and figures […]

Get AED for Home or Eat These Foods That Help to Reduce High Blood Pressure

If you are one of the more than 75 million Americans who have high blood pressure, you may not need to take medication. Lifestyle adjustments, such as what you eat, have a significant impact. According to clinical study, the following nine foods have been shown to lower blood pressure and enhance heart health. They also […]