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ZOLL Aed 3 Is Here! Learn More About It

People are advancing in science day by day. Newer and better versions of these AEDs are being manufactured for our ease. The FDA has permitted ZOLL to launch its newly manufactured Zoll AED 3 in public. Among the American AED, it’s going to be the best AED in the current market. Soon it will be available in online stores like CalMed.

Electrode Pads

As it is advised to use separate pads for adults and children. ZOLL AED 3 has brought us electrode pads that work for both. It only is a matter of a button that helps you to switch between the pediatric pad and adult pad based on changing the electrical level according to need. This will save time.


While many AEDs manufacturers offer the screen technology with the use of AED has become easier. This new AED of ZOLL has introduced touch screen technology with which we can set up our configuration, saving, and sharing data stored on the device. With a full-color screen, we can also see pictured instructions on how to rescue more efficiently and get real-time feedback on CPR.


The worst thing that can happen is you find a low battery in need of an AED. You can avoid that situation by buying a new Zoll AED 3. It has a smart battery which you can see on-screen and if it goes lower than the sufficient amount it sends a report to your program management system as well. It is cost-friendly as well with a life span of 5 years.