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Scarring Of Heart And Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Heart attack should be taken very seriously because not only have you been given another life but also it leaves severe damage to some parts of the body especially the heart. We will recommend you to buy aed for yourself after going through some cardiac disease because this is when a sudden cardiac arrest occurs. You can buy aed from many online stores like CalMed which provides the best aed at the best price.

How Severe It Is

Do you know that more than 800,000 people in the states alone have a heart attack every year? Most people survive due to modern treatments but a heart attack is very severe and can cause permanent damage to the heart muscle. When your heart becomes inflamed, it becomes unable to pump as well because of the damage to its cells. While trying to heal the heart your body’s immune system sends antibodies to fight the inflammation. These antibodies sometimes attack the tissues of your heart instead. These damages weaken our hearts and lead to sudden cardiac arrest. This too happened after a heart attack. Our body heals itself so the heart does it by changing the dead heart muscle cells into scar tissue. Scar tissues are fatal as well because it is not like heart muscle tissue, it does not contract thus cannot help the heart to pump. If there are too many scar tissues in the heart, it can lead to heart failure directly.

What To Do

Everyone should know that once a  heart is scarred or enlarged by any cause becomes prone to develop these life-threatening issues. So the first six months after a heart attack should be taken seriously. One must keep an aed with himself all the time.