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Can You Buy Refurbished AEDs?

Buying an AED can seem an expensive decision and to look for alternatives you might consider buying AED which has been used previously or is refurbished. Sometimes a refurbished AED can be a good solution but it is such a delicate device we recommend you to get one due to its numerous benefits. Calmed has a variety of AEDs to choose from. They have the best AEDs at the best prices as well. There are some factors you might consider while buying a refurbished AED.


The most important part of an AED is the expiration of dates. If the manufacturer of the aed discontinues the replacement of parts then you will be left with the aed for only 18 to 24 months and that is not optimal.


A refurbished aed might need service. And a used aed might not have a warranty and the cost of repairing will fall on you as well because many companies do not provide free service after the warranty ends.


AED is equipment that is used in life and death situations. Therefore the manufactures only provide indemnification for the warranty period. You are exposing yourself to death as AED may malfunction. These kinds of equipment must be brought wisely.

Expired accessories:

After some time the manufacturers of AEDs discontinue the production of older model batteries and electrode pads. If you buy a refurbished AED you will find it very difficult to look for replacements for these parts and thus rely on malfunctioned AED.