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Audible Feedback CPR Device

Technology has been advancing day by day. Science is bringing more life easing devices to help us. In the past, more work and research was done on AEDs as they are the life-saving devices used in the sudden cardiac arrest situation to increase the chances of survival of patients. Therefore different AED brands manufactured AEDs with better qualities, one of them is defibtech lifeline AED. One of the easiest and simplest AED to use. Just like that now an audible feedback CPR device is introduced as well.


This device, known as beauty, has been manufactured by Medical Feedback Technologies to help bystanders perform CPR. This device can be used by just placing it on the chest of the victim then you have to push hard until a beep sound is heard, if you don’t hear the sound that means you have to continue doing the process harder until you hear it. To achieve the ideal depth, the device provides real-time feedback. Once it is achieved the victim’s heart is again able to provide sufficient blood flow to the brain, our heart, and other vital organs. CPR is necessary to perform with AED. Therefore if you’re buying an AED you must consider buying it too. It will help the bystander to perform CPR and use AED quickly and increase the chances of survival of the victim.

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