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Woman Above The Age Of 50,This One For You!

We all women are familiar with the menstrual period and its complications but some of us are not aware of the menopause period, its complications and risks, and how to take care of ourselves at that time. Well after a certain age, most probably around the age of 54, the woman enters menopause when the menstrual period permanently stops. This leads to several complications including cardiovascular disease if one is not careful about activities and diet. If in the past or present you have some cardiovascular disease you’re more prone to cardiac arrest and AED in California is the only life-saving device for victims of cardiac arrest. There are different AED brands you can check at Calmed, we recommend you get a simpler one like Defibtech lifeline AED.

Why Does It Happen?

Stopping the menstrual period means a decline in the natural hormone estrogen and this may result as a factor in various heart disease increases for many women facing post-menopausal women. Estrogen has a positive effect on the inner layer of the wall of the artery that helps to keep blood vessels flexible. But not only this there are other risk factors as well increase around the time of menopause which includes a high-fat diet, unhealthy habits like alcohol, smoking, and drugs.


One should always keep a minimal and healthy diet along with exercise or a walk in their daily routine to prevent such harmful complications. This way you can lead a healthy life.