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What Do You Know About Brayden Manikin?

People are getting more aware of the importance of AEDs and CPR and how it is essential for everyone to have sufficient knowledge about these. The market is now full of varieties of AEDs like defibtech lifeline aed, Heartstart aed, and many others. If you want to buy AED in California we recommend you to check out Calmed, it is an online AED store that offers varieties of AEDs to choose from.

Brayden Manikin

Situations in which CPR is required are quite difficult to deal with, therefore many trained people snap while giving out CRP to the victim. Brayden has manufactured the first manikin that is going to help you visualize the effects of CPR. You can train on such manikins this will not only build your confidence but will also promote understanding.


Some key features according to Brayden manikin:

– Oral and nasal passages which allow realistic nose pinch

– Head tilt and chin lift for opening the airway

– Audible feedback reinforces correct compression depth (Clicker ON/OFF)

– 6 sets of alkaline batteries can power 160,000 compressions. AC supply optional

– Highly realistic chest movement with correct ventilations

– Anatomically correct. Harmless, latex-free skin. Easy AED training pad removal. RoHS & REACH compliant

– Air vent reduces the risk of cross-contamination. Air from Brayden’s disposable lungs exits through the back of his head. This means students never come into contact with exhaled air.

All these features will help us to be more expert in giving CPR and this way we will save more lives. This hasn’t launched worldwide yet but soon it will.