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What Happens When You Use AED On A Drowning Person

Sudden cardiac arrest is very unexpected which can happen to any person, young, old, of all ages at any place and any time. A victim of sudden cardiac arrest needs immediate treatment and if you fail to do so he can die instantly. An AED is a device that can increase the chances of survival of SCA victims before help arrives. If you want to buy AED in California you can check out Calmed equipment, it is an online AED store that provides you with AED superstore coupons you can use on different AED brands. SCA can happen in water due to drowning.

A Drowning Person

A drowning person due to lack of oxygen in the bloodstream and excessive lactic acid affects the rate of heat and due to which SCA occurs. AED should be used immediately but the person needs to be taken out of water properly and have his body dried before using an AED on him.  You can’t use an AED in water or on a wet person, the person and place need to be dried up.

Why So?

A defibrillator has electrode pads that stick on the chest, if the chest is still wet they won’t stick properly and if they are not attached to the chest tightly then the AED machine won’t be able to observe the arrhythmic beating of our heart and the machine only gives the shocks if the arrhythmic heart rate is found. Even if the shock is delivered and the person has not dried up properly the electric current from AED will travel across the skin and will cause harm.