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High Blood Pressure And Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Among many other factors, high blood pressure is one of the major causes of heart complications. If you are a patient of high blood pressure, many times you must have felt heartburn due to a heated conversation, especially in a working place or in your family. If your blood pressure rises to a certain level you even get at the risk of getting sudden cardiac arrest. Big gatherings can be life-threatening for you as meals like meats and excessive use of dairy products including too much fat can contribute a lot to high blood pressure.  A patient of high blood pressure always keeps a blood pressure operator and an AED with himself all the time. Getting an  AED in California is a lot easier than you think. You can check online AED stores like Calmed and check our variety of AEDs and AED packages and get yourself a suited one.

How Meals Put Pressure On Heart

We all know that to digest certain food we need better metabolism and oxygen from the stomach through blood vessels. We need more oxygen thus we tire blood vessels more than normal to eat these foods. The more we tire our vessels the more pressure it puts on our hearts. You have felt tired and sometimes have a heavy heart after having a large meal. This happens due to it. And the more your heart is stressed the more the pressure of blood increases.

Use Of Alcohol

The use of excessive alcohol is very harmful to you. In these large gatherings after having large meals, we tend to have excessive alcohol as well. all these fats of food then alcohol put us at risk of cardiac arrest more and this is just temporary. If we use excessive alcohol in daily life it leads to other chronic heart diseases as well.