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Know Your Cardiac Risks Before Getting Into The Pool

Summertime is everyone’s favorite. Sun shining at its peak, barbeque parties on the lawn, and the most favorite, beaches and pools! You get to freely swim in the water in this season, it not only helps you with avoiding heat but also people enjoy it a lot. If you already have some kind of cardiovascular disease we recommend you not get into the pool without proper guidance, as SCA can happen anywhere. Calmed is an online AED store where you can easily get an AED in California to prevent SCA for yourself and your loved ones, calmed offers AED superstore coupons which you can use on different AED brands, and get budget-friendly AED  today.

Drowning And Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Do you know that you can drown while swimming and due to drowning you can get a sudden cardiac arrest? Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in water occurs when there is an electrical malfunction of the heart. Our heart usually malfunctions when it stops beating. When a person drowns, the lactic acid in the body increases and oxygen in the bloodstream starts to decrease which directly affects the heart rate and that’s how cardiac arrest occurs. There is not a particular age for it, it can happen to anyone, anywhere.


If you’re going to swim in a pool, you should ask the relevant authorities about the presence of AED and any reliable person who knows CPR as well. Your family and your safety come first.