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Should Marijuana Get Legalized?

We have witnessed many protests of people of many states to legalize marijuana also many states have already legalized it. But one should always think why it was prohibited in the first place? Just like smoking cigarettes is legal but can you ever say it doesn’t affect us? Just like that marijuana has serious impacts on our heart and brain. And not only this If someone is already suffering from a heart condition it will only get worse due to this. And eventually a person gets at risk of getting a heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest. To save a patient of sudden cardiac arrest or increase his chances of survival one must have an AED. Getting an AED in California is very reasonable and easier. You just have to visit Calmed website to find out more about AEDs and its uses.

Marijuana Effects

Getting High:

If you smoke weed, it will quickly get into your bloodstream and make you very high in seconds or minutes. You will feel peaks in about 30 minutes, and its effects may wear off in 2-3 hours. These 2-3 hours are very critical as your brain is not functioning normally and you’re exposed to all kinds of accidents.

Mental Health:

Marijuana experience is not always pleasant. Many people have reported to feel anxious, afraid, or panicked after having it. Regular use may also raise chances for clinical depression or worsen the symptoms of any heart condition or mental disorders you already have.


Marijuana makes your heart work even harder. It makes your heart beat about 70-120 times a minute as soon as the weed effects kick in.  This exposes you to the risk of sudden cardiac arrest and heart attack.

All these effects should be considered before even thinking of legalizing it. We are already suffering from cigarette effects. We don’t need more drugs to be legalized.