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Impact Of Stress On Our Heart Health

There are so many contributing factors to cardiac arrest you can now add stress to it as well. The world is changing and the pace is getting faster day by day. It is hard for people to keep up with daily rituals and therefore they end up stressing. Doctor Sumeet mentioned, “We now live in a fast-paced, ‘always on’ era that causes increased psycho-social stress and possibly, an increase in the likelihood of sudden cardiac arrest,”  In this era, one must always keep an AED with them. AED purchase can easily be done from Calmed, we offer a variety of AEDs at good prices as well, you can check defibtech lifeline aed, it is our recommendation.


We are human, we feel all sorts of emotions, but some are more in abundance which leads to sudden cardiac arrest including tension, anger, fear, depression, sadness, grief, and physical or mental stress.  You can be healthy and young and such factors will increase your risk of sudden cardiac arrest, most probably in your sleep. All these factors are caused by stress.

Cut off stress:

Nothing is more important than health if your spouse, boss, or employer is stressing you out. You need to break it off with them. if you’re stressed from the use of the internet, then cut it off as well. one must take care of his mental and physical health first. Take a good diet and good care of your health. Because stress may lead to sudden cardiac arrest and many other diseases including diabetes as well.