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Opium Overdose And Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Opium overdose is one of the most brutal deaths among others. In states alone, around 25000-30000 people die every year due to opioid overdose. In sudden cardiac arrest, a patient dies when the heart stops beating but an opium abuser first goes out of breath then dies of sudden cardiac arrest. In both cases you need to treat the patient, in the same way, using CPR and an AED. Every organization must do aed purchase. An AED machine costs a lot but it has numerous lifesaving benefits.

Opioid Overdose

When drug overdose unfolds its effects on you your body starts to work out of order. The patient may seem very disoriented because this deadly overdose first attacks our respiratory system and stops it. Thus resultantly patients suffer respiratory arrest and due to this pressure shortly after it the patient will go into sudden cardiac arrest, also due to respiratory arrest the patient will turn blue. This is how you differentiate an opioid overdose patient and a sudden cardiac arrest patient. In both cases, you must immediately do the effective measures, first CPR and along with it use an AED. But before doing so you must call an emergency first because the patient might survive due to AED treatment but not for long, he will eventually need medical help.

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