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What To Do With An AED After Using It?

If you still haven’t done your AED purchase, regardless of its numerous benefits, you must do it now! Check Calmed equipment, it is an online aed store which provides best aed machine cost and best packages as well. if you already own an AED and are worried about what to do after using it, we will guide you. AED machines are used in the condition of sudden cardiac arrest therefore they have to record data about the victim as they are turned on. The machine collects the data such as heart rhythms, shocks(if delivered). This data is saved in the machine, you can connect a data cable and download all this to show it to the victim’s doctor.

AED Report:

You are not a cardiac specialist, using an AED is easy but you must keep a report of usage to show it to the doctor later. Many states require this report as well and you as an AED owner need to provide it. This is your benefit because the doctor will review the report and can determine whether your aed functioned correctly in time of need and provided correct data. If it didn’t work you can file a report to the manufacturer of your AED.


The battery health of an AED is not for one-time use only. You can still check it on your AED if it requires to be replaced or charged. Electrode pads are on the other hand one-time use. You will need to dispose of them and get new pads immediately. There are other small items as well, such as wipes, razors, and gloves. All these need to be immediately disposed of and replaced with new ones.