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Cold Weather Can Also Affect Your Heart

Sudden cardiac arrest as the name suggests can happen anytime and anywhere but it’s not this it. Many factors contribute to it. If you want to be saved from sudden cardiac arrest prepare yourself for an AED purchase, aed machine cost shouldn’t change your focus because this is lifesaving equipment. Factors contributing to sudden cardiac arrest include pre-existing heart condition; having a heart attack once or any similar heart disease, obesity; it is said to be the root of many diseases, it increases the chance of sudden cardiac arrest, diabetes, high blood pressure, age and sometimes your living conditions as well, such as your diet and environment.

Cold Weather

Cold air is responsible for constricting your airway, that’s why it is harder to catch a breath in cold air. In winter it gets more difficult to get air in and out of your lungs. A Doctor Marie states, “If you feel chest pain when you are breathing cold air, tell your doctor immediately because it could be a sign that you have a heart condition. Just as cold air constricts the lung muscles, it can cause arteries to constrict and raise your blood pressure. For someone with an undiagnosed heart condition, simply breathing in cold air can lead to chest pain.” Therefore you must keep extra care of yourself, especially if you’re a patient of heart.


You must take measures to protect yourself. Buying an AED should be your prior task as aed increases the chances of survival of a sudden cardiac arrest victim. You can buy an AED without any prescription from anywhere. Calmed is an online aed store that provides you with the best quality of AEDs and different packages as well.