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Why An AED Machine Cost A Lot

It is not fair to say that AEDs are not costly because if you’re wondering how much does an aed cost, an average aed package can cost you around $1500-$2500. AEDs have to be very expensive because each aed requires a high level of R&D. This medical device has to use special electronic components to precisely analyze the rhythm of the heart to save a life. As this device is used in life and death situations these units require extensive amounts of research and development and are then rigorously tested to ensure their working in SCA situations. You can analyze the impact of a good and working aed or a slightly malfunctioned aed on the life of someone.

The Components

The most expensive component of an  AED is its battery.  If we use rechargeable batteries, they not only are high maintenance but also decrease the effective life of it therefore nonchargeable batteries are used which have a life shelf of about 4 years. These batteries are not ordinary batteries, they have cases that use thermal protection to prevent high-temperature explosion, charge, and capacity monitoring as well.


All the electrical components are assembled very carefully and individually sometimes. Which can be costly as well. all the medical devices that are used in such situations come with liability as well which requires underlying cost. All this combined, mass production; each unit of high quality, assurance program, expensive batteries make the aed device costly.

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