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Defibtech Lifeline Aed Should Be Your Next Aed Purchase!

AEDs are specifically made for laymen to use. If you want to make an AED purchase this is our recommendation. This Defibtech Lifeline AED has proven itself for many years for revolutionized lifesaving and making it even easier to use. This AED is made of the best technology with a simple yet amazing design consisting of only two buttons which make it easier and faster to rescue victims. It also has a very clear voice and status light which helps the rescuer to use and understand easily.  Let us put some amazing features of it.


You have an option to choose between two long-life batteries. One which has a life shelf of 5 years and can deliver 125 shocks or if you’re working continuously it can work for 8 hours. Another one has a life shelf of 7 years and can work continuously for 14 hours and can provide 300 shocks.

Voice Prompts

It is sometimes very stressful for rescuers to use the equipment and get the instructions at the same time, he mostly panics. Therefore defibtech provides a calm voice that slowly instructs how to do everything and constantly tells status updates. You can either read it or hear it. It’s on you.

Precise Size

This device is lightweight and is a fully integrated design that has no moving parts or lid to confuse rescue. It has a big handle to hold it firmly and even with gloves.


The Lifeline AED is specifically made using biphasic technology, a highly tech-developed algorithm, and a clinically proven waveform to deliver shocks precisely and save lives. It has a very high success rate in hundreds of defibrillators around the world.

You can buy yours today from Calmed equipment. They have a variety of AEDs to choose from at a good price as well.