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Basketball Players Can Be At Risk Of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

This is a very common concept among us that athletes are very healthy as they maintain their diet and regular exercise but do you know that athletes are more prone to sudden cardiac arrest? While many have this concept that football is a more tiring sport but the truth is the more physically demanding game is basketball. In basketball players are continuously running, moving, and jumping, they don’t even have a larger ground which makes it even more difficult. If your school has basketball as its sport they must do aed purchase immediately. Defbitech lifeline aed can also be a good aed purchase, they can do so from our online aed store, Calmed equipment.


Basketball players have to be very tall and elongated. This physique itself is responsible for a syndrome known as Marfan which may lead to sudden cardiac arrest. Since college players are more athletic they are more prone to cardiac arrest. Not only the physical activity but the rush and stress you take during this game can directly affect your heart and if your school or college or organization doesn’t own an AED to deal in such a situation that can even result in fatal because sudden cardiac arrest can lead to death within minutes.

An athlete should take care of him more than others. Especially the diet, exercise, and sleeping routine. Also before you sign yourself up for any such game you should have a checkup from a doctor to know that you are fit for the game or not.