Why Do We Love Defibtech Lifeline AED? - California Medical Equipment

Why Do We Love Defibtech Lifeline AED?

There are many AED brands now which offer different AEDs with different features but If you’re looking for a much simpler, rugged, and reliable AED we will recommend you to go for Defibtech Lifeline AED. This AED, for it’s a simple design to use in a stressful situation, its deliverances, easy-to-understand commands and robust voice prompts have won many awards.

Why You Should Go For It Right Now

The Defibtech Lifeline has covered you financially as well. This is very economical in price if we compare it with other AEDs. LED indicators to guide us better through rescue events, clear and loud voice prompts for us to understand better. Not only this it also has a rating of IP54. It can work in any environment as it has already been dropped and shocked tested.


This AED has a warranty of 8 years which makes you confident and secure as you pay a heavy amount for an AED. Batteries and electrode pads are value-priced. You can switch between standard semi-automatic and fully automatic versions. In the fully automatic version, you don’t even have to press the shock button.

If you’re looking for an AED at a good price and with the best features you can choose the Defibtech lifeline AED in a blink. If you’re looking for AED in California you can check Calmed equipment, it is an online AED store that provides you with different AEDs and features. You can even choose a package which suits you.