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Drug Overdose Can Lead To Cardiac Arrest

We often think that Sudden deaths are caused by a failing heart. But do you know that about 17 percent of these deaths caused by cardiac arrest result from drug overdose? If you’re at risk of cardiac arrest or someone you know you must keep an AED with you all the time. If you want AED in California, you can get it today from Calmed equipment, it is an online AED store that offers different AEDsuperstore coupons of different AED brands, you can choose yours easily.

What Happens When You Take These Drugs

Many people take these drugs to treat a certain kind of pain or are sometimes medically prescribed by doctors. There is a chemical agent in these drugs which allows them to cross the blood-brain barrier even faster than morphine, this results in the “rush” that keeps the users coming back for more. Inside our body, there are different interfaces known as opioid receptors which are responsible to regulate pain. In drugs like heroin, the opioid receptor is “mu” receptors. These specific receptors mean that the substance will strongly attach and activate these receptors. This is how the body interprets pain and is altered that is why people prefer drugs to control pain instantly.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

If a person already has pre-existing cardiac comorbidities, the overdose will result in sudden cardiac arrest. The body may not be able to handle the overdose of the drug and malfunction. If you’re out of the hospital and the victim becomes unresponsive you must do CPR and use an AED on such patient immediately, that may save his life.