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You Can Save Your Pet!

It is very common nowadays to keep a pet in your home. But owning a pet comes with a lot of responsibilities, including taking care of his diet, his walk, and other stuff. If you’re responsible enough then you should consider getting a pet otherwise it is not an easy thing to do. Well, a pet like a cat or a dog which is a mammal works in a pretty similar way as humans. They eat, walk and do all the stuff including getting different diseases like us. They do have a heart but AED for humans cannot be used on a pet although you can do CPR in an emergency. If you want to get an AED for yourself you can check a variety of AED superstore coupons on Calmed, it is an online AED store that offers these coupons for different AED brands.


Before giving CPR you need to be sure that he is unresponsive, you can check by placing your hand in front of his nose or mouth. You can also check his heartbeat by placing a hand on his chest.


Following are the steps you can follow to give CPR to your pet according to the AED superstore.

Gently lay your pet on his right side.

The heart is located in the lower half of the chest on the left side, behind the elbow of the front left leg. Place one hand below the heart to support the chest; place the other hand over the heart.

Press down gently on your pet’s heart. Press down about one inch for medium-sized dogs; press harder for larger animals and with less force for smaller animals. Allow for full chest wall recoil while compressing down the chest to a 30-50% depth.

Compressions should be continuous & when possible with a new person performing this task every 2 minutes to maintain the rate and quality of the compressions.

To massage the hearts of cats and other tiny pets, compress the chest with the thumb and forefingers of one hand.

Press down 80-120 times per minute for larger animals and 100-150 times per minute for smaller ones.

Alternate the chest compressions with the rescue breaths.