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Is It Wise To Buy A Portable AED?

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is responsible for killing more people than house fires, cancer, AIDS, traffic accidents, handguns, house fires combined, the numbers go about 350,000 per year. This is because even in these accidents a person survives but the trauma leads him to sudden cardiac arrest and then he dies of it. People who have some history of coronary heart disease or old-aged people are more prone to getting cardiac arrest. If you or someone you love is on the verge of getting an arrest you must buy an AED today. If you want to buy AED in California, There are different AED brands you can look for in calmed, an online AED store. We recommend you to buy Defibtech lifeline AED as a beginner.

Things To Consider While Buying An AED

There are some things to consider while buying a portable AED

Survival Rate

When a portable AED isn’t kept at home and someone gets a sudden cardiac arrest, you call for help immediately and the time paramedics take to arrive makes the survival chance of the victim only 2% whereas if you have an AED at your place, your chance of survival increases to 12-20%.

Bystander Help

AEDs cannot be used by the victim of cardiac arrest, therefore if you’re getting an AED for yourself you must know that you need a caretaker with you all the time, if you’re at high risk of cardiac arrest so that he immediately treats you in such a situation.

In Public Places

Having portable defibrillators in your workplace, school or high traffic areas is more practical than keeping them at home because you need a bystander’s help, and also keeping them in such places will help more people.