Unhealthy munching can be dangerous for you. - California Medical Equipment

Unhealthy munching can be dangerous for you.

Snacks should be between 100 and 200 calories – just enough to give us a surge of energy without jeopardizing our health goals. You also don’t want the snack to be so enormous that it becomes a complete dinner in itself. Snacks are meant to help you get through the day, so stick to 100-200 calories. If you exceed the limit, you may face different health problems. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in both men and women in the world. AED is made for such a reason. If you have sudden cardiac arrest or a heart patient, an AED machine must be with you all the time. It saves your life in a cardiac arrest.

They may also be a terrific way to satisfy our fruit and vegetable requirements. Here are some snack ideas to get you started:

– Hummus with vegetables

– A combination of apple and string cheese

– Berries + plain nonfat yogurt

– Cucumbers combined with cottage cheese

I think that the best snack for munching can be almonds. Choose unsalted and keep a little bag of them in your handbag or at your desk at work. If the cravings strike, opt for some of them instead of the chocolate or candy commonly available in the office.

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