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Heart Palpitations: Possible Causes

Heart palpitations are characterized by a sense of the heart fluttering, hammering, or skipping beats. When people have heart palpitations, they are often terrified. The good news is that the majority of causes of heart palpitations are minor and do not require treatment. If you know what causes heart palpitations, you can take action. Get yourself an AED in California right now.

Causes of Heart Palpitations

Stress and worry are common causes of heart palpitations symptoms. Stress hormones are released as a result of these feelings, which causes your heart to beat quicker.

Although exercise is beneficial and important, some people have heart palpitations when exercising. When you work out, your heart normally beats quicker.

Anxiety is a major cause of heart palpitations, and it can be increased by coffee use. If you feel your heart racing after a morning coffee, it might be time to reduce your intake.

Nicotine, found in cigarettes and tobacco products, is an addictive chemical that can raise heart rate and blood pressure. To safeguard your heart, stop smoking.

Heart palpitations can be caused by hormonal changes linked with menstruation, pregnancy, perimenopause, and menopause.

When you’re sick and have a fever, your body metabolizes energy at a higher rate than when you’re healthy. Palpitations may occur as a result of this.

Heart palpitations may be caused by some drugs. Heart palpitations can be caused by over-the-counter and prescription drugs.

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