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Go, Whoa, and Slow A New Way of Eating Healthy!

There is a certain kind of meal you can take to keep yourself healthy. One of the easy ways is to follow this blog. We have sorted the foods into three different kinds; go meals can be had daily, whereas slow foods should be consumed once or twice a week, and whoa foods should be consumed once or twice a month. This will keep your heart and body healthy. If you think you have any heart disorder, you should get an AED as soon as possible. AED detects ventricular fibrillation very quickly. You can get an AED machine for sale online or from any store.


These foods should be consumed daily. They include:

Whole grains



Healthy proteins

Milk, cheese, yogurt


Beware, the Foods in this category can be eaten once or twice a week and include:

Refined grains

Lean, ground meats

Low-sugar cookies & cakes

Jelly, Mayo, and honey


As the name suggests, whoa! These foods are not very healthy can only be eaten once a month or less. They include:



Fried foods

Processed meats



Now that you have a manageable list, we recommend following it highly! Get yourself an AED in California right now. You can check out Calmed equipment if you’re looking for an AED to buy. They offer a wide range of AED equipment as well. You can buy a defibrillator which suits your needs.