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Time Is Very Essential In Sudden Cardiac Arrest

In Sudden cardiac arrest or heart attack in both situations the heart malfunctions. But SCA can be a frightening situation as the person in front of you collapses and becomes unconscious. It makes the other person conscious as well. But you need to act fast because the victim experiences an interruption in the normal activity of the heart. Because the time from collapsing of a person to an assessment of the medical situation can easily take at least one minute. And you need to cut down the time aed takes to diagnose heart rhythm from 9 to 3 seconds because every passing minute lowers the chance of survival. With the help of an AED map, you can locate AED signs easily.

New Technology

The new algorithm of this technique relies mainly on traditional CPR techniques; including 30 compressions in 20 seconds followed by two breaths of rescue that takes approximately five seconds. We will program the new algorithm into AEDs to take readings during the rescue breathing.  This will save time because right now the rescuers take a break after every two minutes to allow the AED device to perform the rhythm analysis. This new technology will help the aed to save a life more efficiently by taking far less time than the traditional process.

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