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How To Perform CPR In Absence Of An AED

In case of sudden cardiac arrest, your first approach should be using an AED device because you don’t need proper training for it. Any person can use it on patients by just following audio/visual instructions. Nowadays visual instructor AEDs are also available. You can get yours from Calmed. But if AED is not present you should consult a person immediately who had CPR training.


CPR is a practical way to treat someone when you observe they have stopped breathing or their heart has stopped beating this usually happens as a result of sudden cardiac arrest. There are some ways to conduct CPR I have mentioned below.


To prevent death or to minimize potential injuries, you can immediately go for a rescue breathing process. You can do it by simply following the instructions below if you don’t have an AED or any trained CPR person is not available. You have to tilt the head of the patient back to open up the airway and be more delicate while dealing with an infant. Now pinch the person’s nose and cover the mouth with a face mask of CPR in such a way that he gets unable to breathe. You can also cover their mouth with your mouth. Now give breath to him and wait for him to catch it. Do it while doing chest compression you can do so by placing the palm of your hand over their chest. You have to be in a specific position by putting your other hand over the first hand and make sure your elbows are straight now pushed straight down on their chest. You have to continue alternating between breaths and chest compressions and breaths until the patient shows signs of improvement or help arrives.