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How Important is CPR

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation known as CPR is an emergency lifesaving treatment that is performed when the heart stops beating in different situations. And providing CPR Immediately can double the chances of survival of a patient after sudden cardiac arrest. Every year in America around 457000 die from cardiac arrest. To save a cardiac patient you need to follow the following timeline. First, you have to recognize cardiac arrest and call the emergency response system right away. Then you need to do early CPR along with rapid defibrillation, many kinds of AEDs are easily available in the AED superstore. You can buy AED from CalMed equipment. After it, patients need advanced resuscitation by doctors. And after it, you need post-cardiac arrest care as well.

Conditions in Which You Need CPR

You need CPR in Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) or when a person is drowning or if someone is unconscious choking or is a patient of a drug overdose. In such conditions, you need to do CPR to help the person get conscious again.


A patient who just suffered from sudden cardiac arrest needs immediate CPR and AED treatment to buy time and to restore a normal heart rhythm. Performing early CPR along with defibrillators can double the chances of survival of the victim. In CPR patients are given quality chest compressions, a rescuer gives immediate breaths which helps to circulate the oxygen-rich blood to the brain, which helps to keep the vital organs alive.

CPR Training

You can perform CPR with proper training but if rescuers are trained better they are more prepared and more confident and even more efficient by providing high-quality CPR. It is a continuous cycle of breaths and 30 compressions until the person starts breathing.