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Why People Confuse Sudden Cardiac Arrest With Heart Attack

People often confuse these two terms, but they are neither same nor synonyms. These two are the same in heart attack blood flow to the heart is blocked and in the sudden cardiac arrest, the heart malfunctions and suddenly stops beating. You can differ them by calling a heart attack “circulation” problem and you can call sudden cardiac arrest an “electrical” problem. In both cases, if a person gets unconscious he/she needs immediate CPR treatment or an AED. You can buy AED from aed superstore like CalMed equipment.

Heart Attack

When an artery is blocked it prevents oxygen-rich blood to reach a certain section of the heart which leads to a heart attack. We need to reopen blocked arteries quickly or the part of our heart that is nourished by that blocked artery now begins to die. If a person waits long enough untreated then he can even die later.

Cardiac Arrest

Sudden cardiac arrest occurs suddenly and often without warning. An electrical malfunctioning in the heart causes an arrhythmia which leads to sudden cardiac arrest. This is very fatal because due to it the heart can’t pump blood properly to the lungs, brain, and other organs. Due to this, the victim becomes unconscious with no pulse. A sudden cardiac arrest patient needs immediate treatment of CPR or an AED or he dies within seconds. The longer he goes without treatment the more his survival chance decreases.

Every heart disease is fatal so you must not ignore it. If you have a history of cardiac disease then you must carry an AED with you all the time.