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Stay Away From Stress!

The heart is the strongest and a vulnerable organ of our body. If a person takes proper care of his heart, it will get stronger over time, and if you put too much stress on a heart, it will get weaker, and long term heart issues can eventually cause you a heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and a cardiac arrest. To avoid unpleasant situations like these, you should have AED all the time. Many stores and online websites offer AEDs like Defibtech, AED plus, or they also provide different AED packages like AED for business, AED for school, etc

How Can Stress Affect The Heart?

Having stress for a long time is bad for heart health. Stress can cause high blood pressure, which can cause a heart attack; however, stress does not cause a direct heart attack but can set off an event that feels like a heart attack. Even minor stress can lead to poor blood flow, and your heart does not get enough oxygen and nutrients. Anxiety can develop blood clots in your body that can be the cause of a stroke. You can feel irregular heartbeats and chest pain if your heart is being affected by the stress.

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