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Let Us Answer The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Aed In Workplace

Automated external defibrillator AED is a must-have device if you have a workplace. There are a lot of people who work there and you’re responsible for their well-being. It comes under the law now. As AED heart is getting popular people are getting more curious about it so here we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about using AED in the workplace.

How To Recognize A Cardiac Arrest?

Major signs of sudden cardiac arrest are immediate and drastic and they include Sudden collapse of person, feeling No pulse, no breathing, and sudden Loss of consciousness.

Can I Be Sued For Using A Defibrillator At Workplace?

People are usually concerned about this but No the individuals and businesses are completely protected from legal prosecution doing CPR or using an AED assisting a person in a medical emergency by Good Samaritan Laws.

Do I Need the Training To Use A Defibrillator?

AEDs are portable and are specifically designed to be used by laymen and employees with no medical training at all. They are very straightforward and safe to use, using voice instructions and visual instructions to lead you through the process easily.

Where Should The AED Be Stored?

AEDs, like the rest of your First Aid equipment, should be kept somewhere that is accessible and visible, with clear signage. It should not be stored in a locked cabinet, private office, or desk.

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