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Can You Use An AED On A Pregnant Woman?

AED heart is specifically designed to help a cardiac arrest victim and cardiac arrest can happen to anyone at any time. It is important to remember that an automated external defibrillator aed is harmless and cannot injure the patient, this device doesn’t even work if it can’t detect a deadly heart rhythm.  Therefore it is completely safe to use AED on a pregnant woman. 

AED Works Same For Everyone

A shock to the heart directly from an AED is the only way to help a victim of  SCA, so you can treat pregnant women exactly the same as you would any other victim. AED is supposed to be used immediately therefore the only way to save the patient is to use AED right away. Also, call help while using AED because the patient will need medical care later. 

Mother And Baby

Naturally, if any injury happens to a pregnant lady people fear hurting an unborn child while treating her. Especially in the case of using an AED or performing bystander CPR on the mother. According to research by the American Heart Association, it is safe and reliable to perform CPR and use AED on pregnant ladies. This will not only save her life but also will save the child’s life.

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