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A Guide On How To Use An Aed On Pregnant Woman

AED heart is specifically designed to help a rescuer easily rescue a cardiac arrest victim and as you know cardiac arrest can happen to anyone at any time. Therefore It is important to remember that an automated external defibrillator aed is harmless and cannot injure the patient, and is completely safe to use on a pregnant lady. Now you must be confused about the measures you have to take, here’s a guide.

Call The Help

As soon as you see a pregnant lady unconscious you have to call emergency services and tell them that the patient is pregnant. A pregnant lady needs extra care therefore they will be prepared accordingly. And you just take out the AED and start the process.

Performing CPR and AED

You can perform CPR and use AED the same as you do on a normal patient. You have to place your interlocked hands, while your palms are down, on the center of the chest of the victim. Then start to pump downwards firmly, give compressions by about 5cm, and release. It is necessary to give 100-120 compressions per minute. You may provide rescue breaths as well.

After AED

If by doing so the patient revives, now you have to improve her blood circulation by placing her in the recovery position on her left side.

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