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Heart Attack May Lead To Heart Failure

A normal person can easily survive a heart attack but heart failure and cardiac arrest can take away the life of a patient very suddenly. If you or someone you love has a history of heart disease you should get an AED heart immediately. automated external defibrillator AED increases the chances of survival of cardiac arrest patients. You can carry it with you everywhere you go.

Cardiac Arrest And COVID

At the online Heart Failure 2021 congress, a study was presented, which showed that the people who had a heart attack during the COVID-19 pandemic as they were slightly affected too were more likely to develop complete heart failure comparing them with those who had a heart attack before the pandemic. This may also be a reason for people delaying seeking treatment during the pandemic.


In this study, Dr. Aldujeli stated that “Heart attack patients waited an average of 14 hours to get help during the pandemic, with some delaying for nearly two days. That compares to a delay of six hours in the previous year. This gap may have been one contributor to the higher incidence of subsequent heart failure.” He added that declines in admissions and delays in seeking treatment “may be partly attributed to the extensive media coverage which amplified patients’ fear of contracting COVID-19 and precluded them from seeking timely medical care”.

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