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Learn Why AED Pads Expire

As AED heart is getting popular people are getting more and more curious about it and that’s why they come up with random questions. Well one of them is why do AED pads expire. An automated external defibrillator AED is a device that is used in the situation of life and death. It has very delicate parts and you need to take care of them.

Why Is It So?

Do you know that the AED units are regulated by the FDA as Class 3 medical devices? FDA has to set an expiration date on it to ensure its correctness and safety. AED is used anywhere and at any time, therefore, it is not known who is going to be using it therefore it is very critical that every part of your Aed device works well. That is why the device has to be kept working perfectly to avoid any unpleasant situation later.

Adhesive Part Of Pads

Pads work as a barrier between the device and the human heart, therefore it has to stick properly moreover the pads have to be adhesive in order to work. But as it is made of chemicals over time the gel breaks and gets dry and without the stickiness, the device won’t work therefore there is an expiration date to make the device work.

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