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Do You Know Your Body Can Tell You About Your Heart Condition?

Sometimes, it’s very hard for you to make a connection between your symptoms. If you don’t want to consult a doctor at this early stage and have several body symptoms you should reconsider your decision. Because the following symptoms indicate several heart problems. With any heart disease, we recommend you to have an AED which requires no aed training, and aed cost is in the budget as well. You can get it online from us. We have compiled a list of a few common problems related to the body that indicates the condition of the heart.


It is a medical term for swelling of hands and lower legs. In most diseases of the heart, they cause fluid to build up in our feet and lower legs. As a result, you may see swelling, This indicates that your heart is not working well.


It is a medical term for describing the downward turned nails and swollen fingers. if your fingers and nails become like this you may have heart disease,  heart infection, or lung problem. For many people, these signs are harmless. But one should never ignore these signs.

Splinter Hemorrhage

It is a medical term for a line under the nail that often looks like a splinter stuck under it. Many people who have these lines under their nails might have injured the nail in some way. If you never had any such injury then you may want to see a doctor because they can be a sign of heart disease or any other condition.

Osler Nodes

This is a medical term used for connecting lumps under toes to heart disease. If you have infective endocarditis, an infectious heart in layman’s language then these painful lumps can develop in your toes, fingers, or both places. The lumps can last for a few to several days. It indicates you have an infection in your heart or your heart muscles.

Janeway lesions

The medical term for spots underfoot indicating infection in blood vessels is this. These spots are painless unlike Osler nodules,  They also will clear without treatment, usually in a few days. But the infection they indicate requires treatment.