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Treatment for Congenital Heart Disease

In the case of congenital heart disease, children with minor heart defects may not need any treatment at all. But some babies may have serious symptoms that are needed to have medical or surgical treatment within the first year of their life. The treatment for this heart defect depends entirely on the type and severity of the defect as well. If you suffer from any kind of heart disorder you must have an AED defibrillator with you all the time. You don’t even need training for it.

Catheterization technique

This allows the doctors to repair without surgically opening the chest, certain congenital heart defects. During these procedures, a thin tube is inserted into a vein in the leg and guided up to the heart by a doctor and after the catheter is in the correct position the doctor will correct the defect using small tools threaded through the catheter.

Open-Heart Surgery

if the catheter procedures aren’t enough to repair a congenital heart defect then this type of surgery can be needed. This is a very precise and difficult surgery especially for a child and as well a surgeon. He may perform open-heart surgery to close the holes in the heart, widen blood vessels, or repair heart valves.

Heart Transplant

This is the most uncommon practice among doctors and In rare cases in which a congenital heart defect is too complex to fix, only then a heart transplant may be needed. During this procedure, a healthy heart from a donor is replaced with the child’s heart.


One can always go for a simple way which is treating it by using medicines. Various medications can help the patient’s heart work more efficiently. Now with medicines, you can also prevent blood clots from forming or control an irregular heartbeat.